Bag again
Reducing plastic waste: keep your bread in a Bag-again bread bag!

Bee's wrap
Here is the natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

Bee's wrap VEGAN
The plant-based alternative for
you 'traditional' Bee's wrap, the Vegan Wrap!

Beautiful, organic and washable lunch bags, totes and reusables, that is what Fluf is all about!

Food Huggers
The perfect solution against food waste and the use of unnecessary plastic and
aluminium foil. Use Food
Huggers to keep cut fruit and vegetables fresh.

Food Huggers Lids
Food Huggers Lids; stackable, transparent lids for the bowls you already have in your kitchen!

Hugger Bag  
The next generation silicone bags.
Developed by Food Huggers, the Hugger Bag balances the demand of hard-working reusables with Food Huggers desire for beautiful things. 

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With Stasher you will save whatever you put in there and also the planet, just by using Stasher instead of a plastic wrapper. 

Lift your soap out of the mucky water where it rests by using a Soap Lift. It will keep it dry, decrease unnecessary loss of your lovely soap and will make it last longer.

The Avocado sock
The Avocado Sock™ is a natural and effective way to achieve a perfectly ripe avocado and prevent food waste.

Fruit buddy
The coziest transport for your most
delicate fruit. Fruit protector and ripener.

Stop suffocating your vegetables in plastic: the Vejibag will keep your vegetables fresh up to two weeks!

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