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    HappyEco dishcloth: the sustainable cloth for cleaning

    The HappyEco dishcloths, also known as Swedish dishcloths, are the
    sustainable solution to dishcloths we all know. But what is better about it?

    Well, they are made without any (micro)plastics. Just cellulose and waste cotton and are 100% biodegradable.

    The cellulose comes from FSC-marked forests and the waste-cotton are the cotton fibers that are too short for the textile industry. Instead of being waste, they are part of our dishcloths. 
    The inks that are used are water based and eco-friendly.

     You can wash the dishcloths in your washing machine, up to 90 degrees Celsius or wash them in your dishwasher.


    6 reasons to include HappyEco dishcloths in your assortment

    •  Vegan
    •  kein Plastik
    •       Sustainably produced
    •        Made in Sweden
     Saves on paper towels

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    Sustainable and compostable  

    You can reuse and reuse and reuse them. Once the cloth reaches the end of its service life (after a long time of cleaning!), it makes its way to the compost, where it decomposes in 8-12 weeks.

    When the dishcloths are dry, they feel hard.
    But when they come in contact with water, they will be soft and easy to clean with.

    About HappyEco

    The HappyEco brand is established by Eco warehouse.
    At HappyEco and Eco warehouse zero waste & sustainability are top of mind. We believe in a plastic free world, without waste of either food or resources; or the use of  unnecessary toxic materials.

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