The Advocado Sock

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    Every time a perfectly ripe avocado!  

    Finding a perfectly ripe avocado is a challenge. Stores often have green, unripe avocados. It can take more than a week until they are fully ripe. The Avocado Sock™ is a natural and effective way to achieve a perfectly ripe avocado and prevent food waste.

    Waste no Avocado!  

    Lots of people love avocados and we all need perfectly ripe ones. Do you want to become a business that supports the no food waste movement, contact us. Or if you want to know more: we are always happy to help. 

    How does it work?  

    Simply put an unripe avocado in The Avocado Sock and within 24 to 48 hours, the avocado will be ripe and ready to enjoy!
    The natural lanolin and warmth of the wool allows the avocado to mature gradually.

    We have The Avocado Sock available in three beautiful colors: Olive, Nutmeg and Pewter.  

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    About The Avocado Sock

    Back in the days when Dianne Sherwood, founder of The Avocado Sock, had
     a catering company; Mexican food thus guacamole were very popular.
    She was in desperate need of ripe avocado's.
    Therefore she put the avocado's in a drawer with wool ski socks to ripen them. 

    Sometimes, the oldest tricks work the best, and the effectiveness of
    the Avocado Sock is no exception.
    It's an organic, back-to-basics product that encourages the consumption of
    healthy avocados in an over-processed and plastic-filled world. 

    With The Avocado Sock, Dianne is giving back to local communities by employing
    local manufacturers, using sustainably-sourced products.

    For more information visit the Avocado Sock website

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