Food Huggers Fabric Bag

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    Food Huggers Fabric Bag 
    Taking sustainability on the road.

    This is the latest addition to the Food Huggers family: the Fabric bag. It is the result of years of searching for a dishwasher safe fabric. After a lot of testing, Food Huggers created this patented method for combining food safe silicone with textiles. The result: a innovative material used in products for food storage, travel, bulkshopping etc. Made of 100% cotton with a foodsafe platinum silicone interior coating, BPA free. 

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    There are 4 products available with this Fabric Bag:

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    Cuff Bag:

    Perfect for displaying fruit and vegetables, use as a bread basket, or  organizing drawers, counters and desks.

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    Sandwich Bag:

    The innovative, upscale and reusable alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Use it to bring snacks on the go or keep your food fresh in the fridge.
    And of course, for zero waste packaging and bulk shopping. These bags are also great for bringing cosmetics and other bits and pieces with you on your travels.

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    Coffee Bag:

    Not just for coffee lovers, this bag is a great option for bulk food shopping, carrying your snack and storing your pantry staples. You can close this bag by rolling down the silicone closure..

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    Bulk Bag:

    The name says it all; this is your best friend for bulk shopping.

    Wipes clean easily / Dishwasher safe / Lightweight & compact / Ideal for bulk shopping

    100% highest standards food safe silicone /  BPA free / Innovative material / Unique product unlike anything else on the market

    About Food Huggers

    Food Huggers was launched via a kickstarter in 2013 by Michelle and Adrienne. Their goal, reducing the amount of fruits and veggies that spoil before they can be eaten and enjoyed. Their mission now is to design and create tools that make sustainable habits easy and fun without giving up convenience nor style. Their inspiration is delicious fresh food and their goal is to help people reduce waste at home.  For more information visit the 

    Food Huggers website

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