Soap Lift 

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    Give your soap a lift  

    Lift your soap out of the mucky water where it rests by using a Soap Lift. It will keep it dry, decrease unnecessary loss of your lovely soap and will make it last longer.

    Soap Lift is made out of a multi-directional bioplastic which allows water to drain and air to circulate to keep your soap dry. Soap Lift can be used with or even without a soap dish. You can simply stack one or two colors on the side of the sink and put your soap on a pedestal.

    Avoid soap waste               

    So small yet so effective! We offer them in two different shapes and multiple colors that will fit each interior. Don't let it go to waste if you are interested in selling Soap Lift and 
                                            become a reseller  

    Two shapes, multiple colours

    You can find beautiful soaps in all kinds of different shapes and colours. To match your soap and of course your interior we have Soap Lift available in 14 different colours and two shapes, round and rectangular. Check out our assortment page to see all the colours and select the ones that matches your interior.

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    About Soap Lift

    How sometimes some frustration can lead to something so beautiful.
    Bill, who was a bit fed up with the muckyness of his wifes' soap, made a self
    draining pad to put it underneath the soap. That's actually how Soap Lift was
    created. After using it for quite some time, family and friends started asking if
    Bill could maybe make them one as well. Then they realized that the Soap Lift
    might be worth sharing. 

    Many prototypes later and countless trials of different materials they finally
    found the perfect combination. Cutting them by hand out of their garage and
    working farmers markets slowly evolved to what Sea Lark Enterprises is
    today, a small business dedicated to giving back to the community that
    supported them from the very beginning.

    For more information visit the Soap Lift website.

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