Moso Natural


    The natural scent-free odor eliminator! 

    Moso Natural is the natural way to freshen the air. Instead of covering up odors with artificial fragrance, the Moso Bag actually absorbs the odor and
    eliminates it for good. It does not need batteries or wires to work, it is
    odorless and has absolutely no chemicals in it. 

    Once a month, place the bag outside for at least one hour to rejuvenate. 
    Use it in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements, pet areas and storage. 

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    How to use Moso Natural?

    All you have to do is place the Moso Bag in your home and let the magic happen. Once a month, place the bag outside for at least one hour to rejuvenate. 

    Use it in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements, pet areas and storage.

    The Moso Bag will reach the end of its effectiveness after two years. After that, recycle the bamboo charcoal into your garden or potted plant. The charcoal will enrich your soil and help plants absorb nutrients and moisture.

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    What's in the Bag?

    Moso (moh-soh) is the type of bamboo that is used to make the charcoal for the bag. It's the only ingredient inside all the Moso Natural air purifying bags.

    Each piece of charcoal has millions of tiny porous holes that magnetically attract particles and absorb them out of the air. It may seem like the Moso Bag is just sitting there but it is actually working for you 24/7. The charcoal is non-toxic and safe to use around children or pets. 

    Moso Bamboo is very wide, dense and has no leaf growth on the first 4,5 meter of the stem. Therefore, we do not take food away from Pandas. Pandas eat arrow, black, and water bamboo that is lower to the ground and therefore the roots, shoots and leaves are more accessible to them.

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    About Moso Natural

    Moso Natural was founded by Eric Rubin. Eric set out to design a scented air freshener for the car but after visiting a manufacturing plant, he found out they were filled with some seriously terrible ingredients: formaldehyde, petroleum and artificial fragrance. How could people hang this in their car?There had to be a better solution.

    Eric searched the US and abroad, looking for healthier options and discovered moso bamboo charcoal in China. This miracle product, sometimes referred to as “black diamond” seemed perfect: eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable, and so safe that in parts of Asia people use it not only to purify their air and water; they also ingest it to help detoxify the body.

    Further research and testing found that bamboo charcoal works incredibly well to eliminate odors, remove harmful chemicals and absorb excess moisture from the air. But the final test was to put one in his car, which at the time smelled like musty gym clothes and last week’s pizza.
    Within one day he noticed a huge difference in the odor and within three days the smell was completely gone!


    COO Julie Bosak and CEO Eric Rubin at a tradeshow.

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