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    Avoid plastic waste, use a bread bag!  

    Using a plastic bag for your bread is really not necessary and that's why there is an alternative. You may have seen them in the stores: cotton, reusable bread bags.

    The Bag-Again bread bags are made of organic cotton (GOTS-certified). So, there are no pesticides in the cotton plus they are made under fair labour conditions! You can use the bread bag in the freezer and wash them every so often at a low temperature.

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    Bags for fruits & vegetables and bulk             

    If you can put bread in a cotton bag, why shouldn't you do the same with fruits & vegetables? When you go to your local market or supermarket, make sure to bring your fruits & vegetables nets so you don't have to use the plastic bags which you will throw away after carrying it home.

    Nowadays there is much more available in bulk which is great! What's even better? Reusing the same cotton Bulk bag everytime when you go to your local bulkstore for your granola, nuts or grains. Plus they look super cute! 

    Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

    About Bag-again

    It all started in 2015 when Inge Barmentlo wanted to reduce her family's carbon footprint. Back then, there were not that many zero waste products available. Inspired by Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson, Inge took the leap and created her own organic bread bag. After that the jump to a fruit & vegetable bag and a bulk bag was easy. Inge and Ellen Visser (founder of Eco warehouse) share the same passion towards a sustainable, plastic free and zero waste environement. 

    With our combined effort we want to help consumers in realizing a green and sustainable living enviroment!

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