Beat the Microbead
      Did you know that many care products such as face cream and make-up contain tiny pieces of plastic? Besides the fact that it does not belong on your skin, it also ends up in the sewer through our shower drain. They are so small that they slip through the filters of water treatment plants and end up in rivers and oceans. This is how they become part of the plastic soup and worse, marine animals also ingest this. Plastic Soup Foundation has started a campaign "Beat the Microbead". Through this campaign they want to encourage producers to remove microplastics from their products and to ask consumers not to use products containing microplastics. And then this super efficient app comes in handy. This app gives you insight into whether your cream or cosmetic contains microplastics. If you want to know more or download the app, go to the site via this link.

      To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.