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    About us in a nutshel

    Eco warehouse is an EU distributor, specialized in sustainable non-food products. Our products pursue zero-waste, a plastic free world and the
    prevention of food waste.

    With everything we do, zero waste & sustainability are top of mind. We
    believe in a plastic free world, without waste of either food or the use of
    unnecessary toxic materials. Of course we can not do this alone, we need our customers and our brands. Together we can reach these goals!

    Our customers are all over Europe, from nice boutique shops, concept-stores, museumshops and zero-waste shops to outdoor stores, organic
    supermarkets and specialized retail chains.

    Wondering if our products match the assortment in your store?
    Just contact us for more information.

    Our promise to you:

            "We will deliver high quality, sustainable & plastic free products, a personal approach with the service you deserve, a grand network of like minded people, timely delivery and a step closer to a zero waste & plastic free world."


    We value a personal approach. Not only towards our customers, but also when it comes to our
    suppliers. This does not only result in beneficial agreements, but also long & sustainable relationships.


    Our products are chosen very selectively and tested extensively. Besides the sustainability of the product, we also look at the business as a whole and the chains in between. Sustainable & fair are our requirements. 


    Sustainability is our goal and therfore also our point of excellence. We believe in leading by example and we trust the rest will follow to reach our
    common goal.

    How it all started

    Back in 2014 Ellen Visser was looking for a new challenge, not too big, but work for about 2 days a week. With a love for nature and as an experienced marketeer, Ellen started a small business out of her home: a BtoC webshop selling sustainable products. First brand: Bee's Wrap.

    After some time, Ellen started also selling B2B.
    Eco warehouse transformed to a BtoB distributor, first in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark; now in the whole of Europe.

    Never In her dreams Ellen imagined that in a few years, instead of having a small business out of home, she would manage a distributor company selling all over Europe. But this is how it all started, with Bee's Wrap, from her home office, together with her dogs underneath her desk. 


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